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Project Text: Click

Status: Design

Employer: Tepe insaat

Land Area: 90 m

Location: iran / tehran

Year: 2023


Ia Location
Within the borders of Istanbul province, in the western region of Kadıköy District, in an area adjacent to Üsküdar district.

Ib Project Area:
It is located on the northwest side of the D100 connection road between Uzunçayır – Söğütlüçeşme intersections, within the borders of Fikirtepe District, adjacent to Hasanpaşa District, with the parcel number 3446, block 3.

It is a parcel with an area of ​​9365.80 m2, in the neighborhood of the 2nd parcel of the island it is located in the northeast, Akpınar Sokak in the northwest, Bülbül Sokak in the southeast, and Hızırbey Caddesi in the southwest.

II. Location Based Significance:

A project proposal was prepared on the basis of the “urban transformation” on an island basis, which started in 2011, and the related plan notes, which were last updated in December 2017.

The urban transformation process of Fikirtepe Mahallesi has been on the agenda since the beginning of 2010 due to both the transformation model and the related zoning conditions. The structural density criterion is important because of the architectural setup, program and urban impact. Within the process of our project work, our priority has been to provide the given program with the density in question, to find a place that is part and complementary to an urban whole, to achieve a sustainable spatial setup, to update the spatial planning and to bring an interpretation of both the location and the current architectural settlement.

Density and diversity of programs is one of the most discussed and exceeding topics of architecture. We need an architectural setup in machine operation for this to be constructed and for both temporal and operational sustainability. After it was designed and installed, we needed to set up a kind of self-sustaining mainspring structure.

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